2019 m. sausio 3 d., ketvirtadienis

Good news!

IWS Poland
Dear participants, dear friends!
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Next year I wish you creative inspiration and new ideas. Let work bring only joy, and in life only happy and wonderful events happen! Thanks to everyone who supported our competition and supported IWS Poland. In 2019 we planned not one interesting event, and many bright surprises!
The first stage of the competition is over; for the last 5 days, members of the distinguished jury selected the winners of the first stage of the «Step by Step» competition. It was very difficult, because you sent a lot of beautiful work.
By unanimous decision, members of a respected jury decided to declare another Special Award. Because many leaders of IWS supported our competition, it was decided to single out one winner among the participants of IWS at each stage.
I want to thank the IWS Leaders of all countries that took part in the first stage. It is a great honor for me to see your work at the competition! I would be happy for your participation in the next stages of the «Step by Step» competition.
I thank all the participants of the first stage, your work is beautiful and each is unforgettable in its own way. I look forward to your work in the next stages of the competition!
I would also like to announce that from August 16 to August 19, 2019 in Poland in the heart of the city of Gdansk, on the Baltic Sea coast, a festival of watercolor art will be held, dedicated to the “Step by Step” competition award ceremony. All prizes, gifts and awards, as well as many surprises, will be presented at the awards ceremony. More information wait later https://www.facebook.com/IWSPolandnew/.
With pride and great joy, I announce the winners of the first stage of the “Step by Step” contest:
In the nomination winner among the leaders of IWS - Amit Kapoor (Leader IWS India) https://www.facebook.com/IWSPolandnew/posts/335501403935798
In the nomination Winners of the first stage:
Nikolay Solodov - Russia https://www.facebook.com/IWSPolandnew/posts/358346144984657
Egle Lipeikaite - Lithuania https://www.facebook.com/IWSPolandnew/posts/351323099020295
Carsten Wieland - Germany https://www.facebook.com/IWSPolandnew/posts/346052436214028
Congratulations to the winners. You will receive valuable prizes from our Art partners, the composition of gifts can be seen in publications on the page https://www.facebook.com/IWSPolandnew/ ! I invite you to the «Step-by-step» award ceremony in Gdansk on August 16, 2019.
Participants of the first stage, who are not among the winners, can continue their participation in the competition at all upcoming stages. For further participation, you must send a new job, according to all the rules of the competition. Your work from the first stage of the competition will participate in the selection to the finals after the completion of all four stages. In addition, I want to note that in order to participate in the competition it is not necessary to participate in all stages. The competition is open to new participants at any stage; you can become a participant in the competition at any stage.
Who did not have time to take part in the first stage - welcome to the competition in the second stage, send your work, according to the rules of the competition.
Acceptance of works for the second stage of the competition will be open from January 1, 2019!
Successes and victories in the coming year.

Leader of the International Watercolor Society Poland - Julia Kochetova

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