2020 m. balandžio 22 d., trečiadienis


Sun Calligraphy, 56x75 cm

Franc Golob Golden fluid

Christina Hopkinson I just keep looking at this and seeing calmness and tranquility. It's like being by the sea!

Tess Pliskovskaya Ну как это можно писать! Только чувствовать, уникальная Эгле❤️

Spring, 56x75 cm

Ricky Hall Beautiful balance between darks and lights, together with that movement in the strokes gives this a natural, flowing sensation. Excellent quality

Linda Walkingstick-Deline Darn good, its making me sea sick. It moves. It sparks. It reflects. It speaks. I love.

Jūros ilgesys / Sea longing, 56x75 cm

Kristin Darnell-Kreger I think there is a deeper spiritual connection to water that many of you here have. It’s not just about painting waterscapes. Something more fundamental about the element of water. I think many of you on this site are water shamans. Seriously. Incredible works of water Egle!

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